I wanted to draw a better picture of Gus than him being a poorly-drawn spooky ghost


Gus was a priest that became Oliver’s best friend in his pre-Second-War footsoldier days. He taught him about the Light and how to swing call on it, which Oliver was able to use for minor spot healing in the field. Gus joined the Knights of the Silver Hand in the Second War and recommended Oliver join as well, and the two fought together until they parted ways during the Stratholme incident— Gus left with Uther, Oliver remained with Arthas, (but ultimately wound up fleeing Stratholme when he couldn’t bring himself to keep doing it). Oliver died and was risen not long after the Scourge invasion and Gus went on to join the Argent Dawn on the path of the templar until he ultimately fell in the original Naxxramas campaign. His body was interred at Light’s Hope, and his spirit is who appeared to Oliver at the battle where the Ebon Knights broke free.

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