barkentin said: whispers: dante is gayer than spring

uhm wow excuse u


OR DO I!?!?!?!

[2013-12-09 01:38:44] <Lord Runeboner> Granted Im gayer than spring but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum.

how the fuck do you have logs that go back that far?

does this mean you have logs of all the dumb porn I’ve written you????

I keep logs specifically to read the dumb porn you’ve written me, that stuff is art and you know it.

And if you think that’s far back:

01:29 < Rachel|nothome> I did hella damages tonight somehow and I was really sad that I didn’t have any damage mod installed to look
 at my individual stats
01:29 <@Poke> if I lose to a mage I assume it’s aoe and start writing a post on the blizzard forums
01:30 < Rachel|nothome> I made #10 on Loatheb, whereas last week I was #23
01:30 <@Poke> and if I lose to a warrior, it’s because execute is overpowered
01:31 <@Poke> 10 is pretty good for an MS warrior
01:31 < Rachel|nothome> Though that was partly due to missing crit buff a lot due to personal mod fuckups and not hitting him at tim
es because of it
01:31 < Rachel|nothome> Usually I feel lucky to make the top 15, though
01:31 <@Ksennin_bot> If you bitwise-and a number a is all the time you showed us a few scant seconds before dying again because he h
as to make i?
01:31 <@Poke> Corrupted Ashbringer
01:32 <@Poke> I’m not looking forward to most of the next encounters in naxx 🙁
01:32 <@Poke> they are all so mage-biased
01:32 < Rachel|nothome> Well I mean even since I’ve had ashbringer
01:32 <@Poke> Corrupted Ashbringer
01:32 < Rachel|nothome> Also I somehow came out #9 on Sapphiron