people ask me for ret raiding advice like im some wise sensei but like

all I really do is pop cooldowns and hit things and stand in shit that should kill me but doesn’t because im a paladin lolol

like, keep the MT on focus so they don’t die and spend resources and cooldowns on people when they drop below like 20% because it’s better to lose DPS than risk someone suddenly dying and taking everyone else with them, just a WoG or FoL is usually enough to stabilize them, i’m basically a third healer for a couple seconds every little while as needed but you gotta pay attention and that’s hard to do on farm content ngl, just keybind your heals and Hand spells and make mouseover macros for your raidframes, ask the tanks to call for Sac and BoP

aside from that stuff, don’t do what i do because I usually just do shit to see if it will kill me lol – facepull heroic garrosh, pull the whole room, pull the whole goddamn instance, let things hit me because i’m too lazy to move and I’m pretty sure I won’t die, taunt bosses off the tank to reposition everything better, hell i’ll tank bosses in LFR idgaf come@me bro

don’t do those things and you’ll be a great ret in no time lol

*sighs in relief* So putting all my cooldowns on keybinds next to each other and popping them all at once isthe correct way to play ret.