Had so much fun with pyrar, jessipalooza, and varae-ver-you-are tonight!

Daddy Ren took the kids on a field trip to some really great places to see some of the hidden zones you can still get into. Faer died and got lost, Esme and I got to see forever, and Ren herded us around like a good parent X)

I really can’t thank you guys enough; I really needed this.


I must know how you get into uninstanced Stratholme

World of Warcraft has 1 uninstanced Strat but two copies of it. The first is the one you see here, which is actually within the Naxxramas raid. You can glitch behind a wall in Sapphiron’s room and it’ll bring you to a snowy area which was the original version of how they wanted Northrend to look, but scrapped it and tried again. 

If you look closely, you’ll notice it’s the same area you see behind the portals in Kel’thuzad’s room. 

The area that Naxxramas is hosted in is actually an old Eastern Plaguelands map with the quarters floating above the landmass.

Stratholme, the old one, including the raid portal to the original 40 man Naxx are all here. And also as you can see from the photos, the original Naxx 40’s rig, without the skin. That has long since been removed.

Also not shown: The instance wall, old Light’s Hope Chapel and the Scarlet Cathedral

I should mention that you can get to the uninstanced Stratholme if you have a warrior. You have to hit the instance cap limit (just run in and out of Stratholme and reset 5 times) then run back through the dungeon portal. You’ll end up on the other side; there is an invisible wall, but you can actually Heroic Leap over it and explore.