malfurion: tyrande are you sure you can handle being prosecutor in this case… are you sure you can deal with saying words and being rational, remember that you will be asked to defend your position in front of other people, i just worry that might too much for you. you have such a beautiful soul (:
malfurion: tyrande do you really think its a good idea to continue leading our people’s military like that?? oh no sweetheart i know you’ve been doing this for the past 10000 years but… war is very, very dangerous and you have such a kind heart, don’t you think you should be doing something a little more fitting with your time, like braiding daisy chains
malfurion: whats that tyrande? are you going outside? oh no babe are you sure thats a good idea after all, all sorts of bad scary things can happen to you, especially since you have such a beautiful pure soul, what if you accidentally trip and fall into a war zone, how would you handle that, i’m just saying
malfurion: tyrande (: sweetie (: babe (: (: