15) Your character is now a raid boss. What cause are they fighting for and why do we have to stop them?

During Siege, I could see her conflicted and unwilling to admit that Hellscream is in the wrong (She admires his strength and determination), and the Kor’kron name getting run in the dirt. The players would enter a room and there would be a deactivated custom shredder in the middle of the room and a walkway around the top of the room. Feiyn, upon seeing the players, would activate the golem and it would be a two-tank fight. It does a stacking debuff on the tanks that needs to be taunted after 2 stacks. They can only target the massive golem, and not Feiyn.

“Feiyn ain’t gonna let you through ta Hellscream! Dis is what da orcs need!” She begins to pepper the battlefield with bullets. She’d have a special move that targets one person in the raid (never a tank) and if they don’t put a physical object between her and themselves, they’ll get oneshot. Players can block the shot but only once. There is no hard enrage but a soft enrage; eventually they’ll be no more things for players to hide behind so she’ll start one-shotting people eventually.

As they defeat the golem, Tevruden shows up and freezes the players in ice before hauling Feiyn off over his shoulder. The adventurers have access to her cache; and you could possibly get her rifle or a mini-pet (it’s a tiny plaguehound) that’s only available in her cache.

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