Hello Tumblr!  This is Dee, and myself and Ren ( varae-ver-you-are ) are hosting a Warcraft writing contest!

There are two categories: Original Character and Canon Character.  Original characters are your own character in the Warcraft universe.  Canon characters are established lore NPCs (like Lor’themar or Garrosh).  You may include characters from the other category as minor characters in the story (example, minor original characters as background characters in a canon character’s story).

Stories must be between 1000-3000 words.  Give us a good story, but not a novel!  Stories will be judged based on story content, grammar, characterization, and plot.

Now, for the good part, prizes!  The best overall story will win a mount of your choice from the Blizzard store!  A first-place winner from each category will receive a pet of their choice from the store.


Overall Winner: Mount

Runner-Up (Original Character): Pet

Runner-Up (Canon Character): Pet

If you already own these or whatever, you have the option of gifting them to a friend or asking for a $25 or $10 gift card to Amazon, okay?

The contest will run until June 15th, and stories will be judged after all submissions are received.

All submissions should be sent to contest@afterwit.net in the body of the email, with your contact information and tumblr or twitter username in there.  Please put “submission” or something in the subject, along with the title of the story.

Signal boosts are lovely!  Thank you very much, and we look forward to reading your stories!