Through a hundred battlefields I have fought and bled with you Remaia. Through a hundred nights we have sought a greater purpose. Our calling is not for the fain or the weak and you have proven to me, without a shadow of a doubt that you deserve one of our highest and respected honors. It is with great honor and humility that I call you my sister and ask for you to reaffirm your sacred vow.

Remaia Dawnflame tilts her chin downward in an affirming nod of respect toward Felthier. “Yes, Sir.” Squaring her shoulders, she speaks her vow in a clear tone of unwavering voice, so ingrained in her memory it had become second nature, yet there was sincerity in her tone.

“Then arise Sunward Remaia Dawnflame the Mesmer.” The Archon confirms extending a hand of acknowledgement to one of his most faithful allies.

literally every time i look at this, i cringe because here’s all these elves and then ??? feiyn.

I think you mean Lieutenant Feiyn, of the DK Dick Police.