Ahhahaha, god, I love the shamelessness of this one <3

Elle has this terrible penchant of getting shitfaced after bad days, and so assuming she and Feiyn went drinking after something disastrous happened to Elle, this is one of the many outcomes! Her lovelife is a mess anyway, comes from being a really young elf thrown into high-stress situations with people who are broken, and so if something were to break down on that end… well. Should things commence from friend-cuddles to more, I don’t think drunk-Elle would have the will to stop, especially since she adores Feiyn so much. It would be cute and hot and both of them would have a ton of fun!

The next morning, though, she would feel awful for abusing Feiyn’s trust in her, and Tev’s, and… a lot of people’s. She would immediately apologize to everyone she hurt with her carelessness, and probably do the thing where she takes all the blame and beats herself up. Though Elle doesn’t run from her problems, she would just be so sad that she hurt her friends! Especially with how she treated Ith. Even if people told her she was fine and nobody was hurt and it was all in good fun, she would just feel like she failed the people she cares about. She cares so much for Feiyn and Tevruden.

In good news, it would open a dialogue about sex and fidelity and affection that’s been a long time in coming, and of all the people who would probably help show Elle that it’s not -bad- to physically give in to desire, Feiyn is up there on the list of those she would listen to and learn from.

Oh man the awkward moment when Tev gives Elle the same instructions he gave Ith: “Hey make sure this doesn’t interrupt hunting.”