Okay!  I got a fairly positive response earlier, SO.  HORDE MAGE TUTORING EVENT IS A GO.

WHEN: 4/1, 7PM Server (CST)

WHERE: Shattrath, Scryer’s Library.  (Must have at least neutral Scyrer’s rep.)

WHAT IS IT: Kirian’s hosting a tutoring event for the new casters that have joined the guild and anyone else that wishes to attend (but please restrict this to casting classes, especially mages, warlocks, and priests).  New folks, baby casters, and experienced casters are invited to attend (after all, the newbies will need tutors).  LET’S TALK MAGIC THEORY AND WORK OUT THAT TELEPORTATION SPELL YOU’VE BEEN HAVING TROUBLE WITH.

OOCly, this is mostly a mingle event to get everyone together and start up some new CR okay.  MEET NEW PEOPLE THROW YOUR CHARACTERS AT NEW PEOPLE let’s do the thing.

Any questions, drop an in-game mail/whisper to Kirian, or poke me over here on Tumblr well ok bye.

Just a reminder that this is on tuesssssdayyyyyyy