[Voodoolock-Saurfang]: not heal only good dps ok
[Alcohealic-KulTiras]: inside the bubble!
[Melindru-Uldum]: The biggest douche gets the same heals as the nicest person in the raid.
[Alcohealic-KulTiras]: ROOK
[Melindru-Uldum]: that’s some philosophical shit fo yo zazz
[Blawley-ScarletCrusade]: adds
[Adkyn-MoonGuard]: 150k at ilvl 557 does not qualify as good
[Voodoolock-Saurfang]: what meter you reading
[Blawley-ScarletCrusade]: I like…playing games and having fun
[Melindru-Uldum]: yeah skada has you at 144 Voodoo
[Voodoolock-Saurfang]: update addons
[Voodoolock-Saurfang]: lol
[Blawley-ScarletCrusade]: mine has you at 143
[Blawley-ScarletCrusade]: update yoself
[Melindru-Uldum]: BAM