I will/am going to most likely remove the communication devices from the guild. I do not think they add any particular value and are just a channel for people to mouth off. 90% of what I see in those channels serve no purpose and I don’t believe it adds any value to the role play.  It was an RP element that we inherited from the older versions of the Sunguard and continue on to this day.

I want people to start putting more thought into their character and how it relates to the duty that they do. I feel like we scratch the surface, but I’m not certain there is a particular sense of personal loyalty for each character as there is of a player loyalty.

The Sunspear Battalion recently has put forth requirements of a formal uniform to be worn at special events. It will extend out to all branches with expectations of color including the mercenaries. That will be a hard fight to win, but once everyone sees it in action they’ll appreciate it.

The Sunguard will also be given, in character, a mount to ride in uniform. I CANNOT stand seeing the mishmash of mounts. It looks horrendous and it makes no sense that a uniformed military contingent does have a sense of uniform. 

Oh dear Tev having to ride an actual live mount. I am sure having to carry a hulking death knight will go over very well for it.