I don’t know very many ships.  ;~;

But like I have to say Kirian and Van are my favorites just because they make me SO HAPPY.  I could babble about them and yes I know I play half of that ship but IT’S STILL A FAVORITE.

I ship Esme and Faervell I’M SORRY and kind of Esme with my rogue shh.

Tyll and Fel are hella cute and I like that whole complication there with Fel being a noble and whatnot.

And Tev and Feiyn make me smile a lot.

I am slowly getting to know other people, though!

Basically if you’re cute with the other player OOCly I will want to smoosh your characters together like this:

That gif use tho

Tev and Feiyn are giant dorks, Film at 11.