apply for them anyway. if they think you’re the right person they’ll give you any training you need (i think that’s what you mean by those abbreviations?)

TS/SCI + Poly = Top Secret – Secret Clearance Interest + Polygraph

Basically, you couldn’t have been on anyone’s radar in the last 10 years, you can’t have any significant amounts of debt up to a certain amount, you can’t have even been pulled over in some cases.

I had to take a Poly once for my mom’s job since she has top level clearance and because I have traveled outside of the continental US. 

Shit. I am monitored because of her job. If I go to certain areas of the world, she is to turn in paperwork in regards to it before I am allowed to travel. o__o

I applied anyway because most of the “clearances” they need aren’t even needed. Shit, the position that I applied with the Team Lead job was a clearance but it wasn’t required. Nothing I will be seeing is classified, just some of the computers they may need to have fixed will be. 

Really, if they want you bad enough they’ll get your clearance.