A combination of exhaustion from blood loss and knowledge of it’s futility made Fel drop the shards of his shattered Soulstone. Just as he began to realize he was out of options he heard a familiar voice from behind him. He winced as he inclined his head to see the death knight standing over what was quickly becoming his corpse.

There was a moment of uncertainty where Fel thought of all the things it would mean for his life and possibly the taint of undeath it would stain upon his soul. But when he was tallying up the pros and cons of taking such an offer, he came to the one reason- the one person, that is who would tip the scales against all other reasoning.

Straining against his own weakening body, he forced his broken body to sit up, extending a shaking and bloody hand to the man who offered him the chance to see and protect all that he loves. “I accept.”