Hey I hit a numbers so now I have a “good excuse” to have a giveaway.
Free art for the winner! The winner gets a backgroundless single-character full-body piece like these [x][x][x] OR a speedpaint waist up with background/environment detail – something like this [x][x]. Other details will be discussed with the winner!

The artwork can of World of Warcraft player character excluding worgen, fully original character or JJBA character!

Rules & Stuff

1. You must follow either meoproject/meocraft — or both! Both are art blogs, meocraft is just WoW specific, so you are not in for anything weird. Why would you want to win my art if you don’t like my art after all? Following both blogs does not give you extra entries, but you can at least choose what kind of content you like more!

2. Like and/or reblog this. You can reblog up to 3 times but please think of your followers and don’t just hit it three times at one go! Reblog blogs don’t count.

3. Giveaway ends about 3 weeks from this post — 9th of April, midnight GMT+2 time. Keep your ask boxes around that time. The winner will be contacted via ask and if the winner does not reply back within 24 hours a new winner will be chosen.

4. If this message gets 200+ reblogs I will also add 3 more prices headshots for 3 other lucky people! If this message gets 300+ reblogs I will add one more headshot to that, so with 300+ reblogs there will be 5 winners total, one full artwork and 4 headshots!

5. If I get less than 100 notes (reblogs+likes) I will cancel the giveaway!

Ok that’s it I guess keep an eye on this message in case I have to add something.

— Sir Meo // meoproject // meocraft