Commissions are once again open!

I’m not limiting this to just Warcraft characters.  I’m open to do any character from any part of the universe you wish, aside from worgen, tauren, charr… anything too fuzzy.  I’m not very confident in my ability to deliver quality work on anthro characters.  Unless they’re a bug person, in which case the answer is a resounding HELL YES.

All pictures, sketch and lined alike, will have colour.  Commissions are typically finished within a couple weeks of payment; however, please keep in mind that I am still in school.  Depending on how heavy my courseload is at the time, it may take a bit longer.  No worries though, I’ll keep in contact with you should that happen!

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at vanishgrenade@gmail.com!  Keep in mind that I only accept paypal, and require payment up front.