I hit another follower benchmark!  You know what that means…. another art giveaway!!!

All regular rules apply, blah blah blah.  But keep in mind:

You gotta be following me.  (This is for my followers, after all.)

Both reblogs and likes count!  But, since only one reblog shows up in the notes, you can only enter twice.

I actually can’t think of anymore at the moment, but I’ll add things if I remember them.


First place will get a waist-up picture of any character you want.  This includes lines, colours (either cell-shaded or painted; your choice!), spell effects; whatever!

Second place gets a waist-up sketch of whatever character they want.  If there’s spell effects or glowy eyes or w/e those can be added in too.

Third place gets a headshot sketch of whatever character they want!  If there’s glowy eyes, w/e, those can be added in.

So yeah. 

Enter if you want somethin’ neat!