Pick any two characters of yours, preferably ones that are on different factions. Who would win in a duel?






My Blood Elf, Sylessar, kind of kicked my human’s ass once. Gwynnara really couldn’t beat a Pathstalker. Sylessar’s got the experience and the years. Gwynnara’s got…spunk and a bow with arrows.

Edevyn Bayne and Llyth Dawnwhisper. I would give the win to Llyth. Both have…

Theodore Varill and Williert Stokeswood. 

Probably Varill would win. Williert is a powerful wizard, and he became more powerful with his elevation to Enchanter after he absorbed a Thalassian spellbook’s knowledge. However, despite recent history in events, the no-longer Highlord is a very good duelist, while the mage is a lousy one.

Viscount Everbright’s best chance is to continuously move, teleport around to weather Theodore while doing some minor damage. Alas, Theodore is competent with holy magic and smart. Much like Llyth, he would reassess the situation and act accordingly. 

Between Jeremaes and Obarius I think Obarius would win. He’s far stronger and younger than Jeremaes, and while Jeremaes has more skill and ability with a blade, Obarius could just bumrush and win.

He’s a pretty tough guy and could just take multiple hits without returning. Wait until he’s ready and just swing.

Danyl would crush any of my other characters like their name was Zaraki

Felthier is probably my strongest character developed by Telchis is by far the finest swordsman of the group. Artairr isn’t particularly skilled in melee combat but can shoot a grain of rice out of the sky on a cloudy day. Izulde is by far my most skilled magister but his strength lies in political cunning versus actual combat prowess. In all it would be a tie between Felthier and Telchis. Brawn and relentlessness versus speed and skill.

The way I imagined it, in a fight between Tevruden and Barkentin, Tevruden would win. Even though Bark is a really good druid, Tev’s far more experienced in combat (both before and after scourgeprom.) It still would not be an easy fight, and Tev would not be able to manage a kill. Bark would realize he’s not going to win and run from the fight long before his life was in any real danger.