There’s now over 2000 awesome people following me and it’s time for an art giveaway to celebrate!

♥ Rules: Anyone who reblogs, comments or likes this post will be entered in the giveaway. You must be following me. You can like, reblog and comment and get 3 chances.

♥ Prizes: 3 Winners will get a waist up, cel shaded pic of 1 character of their choosing! Fan art and OC’s welcome. You must provide references (visual or written is fine). I won’t be providing WIPs, but will make sure the pic turns out awesome. ;D

  • All sexes and body types, anthros, armor wearers, magic weilders, and robots welcomed.
  • Super cluttered characters will be trimmed down (gaia avatars I’m looking at you)

♥ How will the winner be determined?: By a random number generator, 

♥ Deadline: March 15th (1pm PST). 

I will announce and contact winners within 24hours of deadline via ask box! Please have asks open!

Thanks for being so awesome! ♥

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