How I feel about people who link damage charts un-asked-for in low level dungeons to put down the one person in the group not wearing BoA’s who also happens to be my friend

ill literally never understand people who link charts in like

fucking wailing caverns 

tbh I’ll never understand people who link charts in any level dungeon

the only point is to publicly fellate one’s own e-weenie, and the only people that actually ask for charts to be linked are ones that do have the addons themselves but want someone else to do the fellating for them.

I’ll ask for DPS meters when I don’t beleve mine is showing correct numbers, like when I’m tanking things on my level 80 DK who’s in raid gear and Pandaria blues make the numbers look really weird (like 90% of damage in random dungeons.)

Even then I ask they’re sent to me in whisper