Bad feelings in WoW roleplay:

• Missing the jump
• World phasing
• Accidentally falling to your death
• Accidentally catching mob aggro while emoting
• Taverns that don’t sell alcoholic items
• Taverns that don’t sell anything at all
• In-game chairs with no auto-sit option
• Female Night Elf /clap animation
• Missing the jump on the second attempt
• In context sfw roleplays that might look nsfw to a passer-by
• Female Night Elf idle bounce animation
• “Let’s head in here and whoa whoops unclothed toons on the bed pivot on the heel walk out let’s try over here”
• Having to mount and fly back up after missing the jump for the THIRD TIME

Airchair, y’all.

  • Autorunning out of your seat
  • Worgen snuffling
  • Hitting enter when you meant to hit the apostrophe
  • Carnivorous benches