New xpacs for me always mean 

  • new hairstyle
  • new “IC” look

still thinking of what to do with her hair but already doodling around with ideas for Aern’s WoD rp gear. I’m really excited because i want this to be a big development time for her, and part of that is leaving a lot of her pseudo traditional vrykul outfit themes behind. I still want to keep an earthy color scheme with her with the usual leather/fur/”bronze” but I also wanted to make her look more “knighty” than “barbarian”. 

I’m definitely keeping the Valky’r helmet because fuck you to really bring out the theme of transcendence. Especially since in Vrykul culture (at least in certain clans in Storm Peaks), they view Valky’rhood as something to strive towards. Also I just really want Aernleif in a Valky’r helmet OKAY?

Facial scars are new, and will – IC’ly – be added when WoD drops. I’m so excited to progress in-game, and out with Aern. She’s been such a fun character and I’m so not ready to let go of her as a main just yet. :”””’ )