Moth:   “No.  Absolutely not.  I was a weak, pathetic nobody in life with no control over his surroundings and no future.  Death gave me the best parts of who I am, and the strength, confidence, and abilities to succeed.  I never really knew what it was like to want anything until I was raised in Acherus, and the idea of going back to that dim existence before is hideous.  

I’m practically immortal, I can recover from just about anything that doesn’t immediately kill me, I can’t get sick, I don’t need to breathe, and I can literally build friends who are necromantically programmed to love me.  Then when my living friends die, I can just raise them up again.  We were created to be perfect creatures, and we are.  You might as well ask me if I want to go back to shitting in diapers and drooling on myself, the comparison in terms of ability and self-reliance is pretty much the same.”