“… Black, akshully. M’blight gits ever’where regardless, but when yer full ‘a holes an’ then yer lettin’ water run through ‘em? Don’t take a genius  t’figger out th’ results. Winds up lookin’ lahk black tea by th’ end’ve it, ‘cept it’ll melt yer skin off if y’touch it. Senkha puts on a Lightdamned hazmat suit when she forces me t’take ‘em.

Y’seein’ why Ah hate ‘em so much?”

"You make it a thousand times more difficult than it needs to be. I can keep myself safe, if you’d only keep yourself still. Honestly, the only obstacle that we should be facing should be getting rid of the water, because it certainly isn’t going into the garden or the lake. The last thing we want is to poison the water supply. But that’s where your frost magic comes in handy, isn’t it?”

"… That’s where m’frost magic comes in handy.”