Are you intentionally being an idiot because you feel it’s a good look, or do you not understand why it is being said to be overpriced?

Even with your hypothetical scenario, you are considering that 60 is too high.  Only a real stupid cunt would be able to fathom that the point of this game is to hit 90, or that keeping prices high will make them more money.

If they don’t want to incentivize purchasing the product then it is a bad product. 

It is dumb that it turned out to be $60. Hopefully they fix it before it goes live… unless it is going live today then it’s dumb and Blizzard should have considered that the average person who plays WoW is beneath the age of 17 and not many of them pay for their own subscriptions. 

(I have no actual figures on if that is true or not, but I do notice a large amount of people are between 15 – 17.) 

60$ honestly isn’t that much money to me. I’m a pretty slow at the leveling process and would probably take 4 months to go from 1-90 which would be about 60$ for the sub.

While my plan to fast boost all my remaining characters that are not 90 is put on hold, I might buy just one and finish leveling the rest.

I’m cool with it: assuming it takes me 12 hours /played to do 1-90, and my time is worth about $40 an hour (given that I can charge people that much for it) it costs me $480 to level a new character.

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