If you are going to get WoD and activate the free level 90. What type of level 90 will make?

If they allow it so you can purchase other level 90’s what characters will you make?

I’d fast track to a level 90 monk.

Al Allazzar Huzzan- A Tanari Pirate Captain in charge of many sloop based pirate corsairs. He will be a warrior of the shifting sands that has lived in the deserts of Tanaris and Uldum since his birth.

My attempt is to add value to the Wastewanders of the southern ends of Kalimdor.

Most likely I’ll fast track a Druid and a Priest and then have a max number of characters.

I already have one of everything at 90 except for a shaman, a priest, and a mage, so if the level 90 boost come before the pre-patch I have been thinking about just getting one of a class I already have (read: death knight) decking them out in as good PVP/PVE gear as I can get, fully enchanting and gemming them and then locking exp so it is kind of like a level 90 version of my Herald of the Titans character.