I was very excited to finish my Secrets today!

And then I remembered something crucial.



I suppose I know what I’ll be doing all day tomorrow. *sobs*

… Along with answering some leftover asks in my inbox. And doing dishes. What an exciting, busy life I lead.

but you know what i’m proud of myself, i made Important Adult Phonecalls today and didn’t get scared


it is really easy to farm rep w/ Wrathion in this one spot on the Thunder Isle— I actually would even help you farm, just because why not

lmfao your whisper hit me in the last second before my logout countdown and I couldn’t hit escape fast enough to reply WHOOPS

I can’t see this taking me too terribly long because I kill things at lightning speed but if anyone needs the rep (@ umbrarex~) they’re welcome to join me at some point tomorrow! Or- wants to come, if they don’t need it but like killing things idk.

(and @ hollowlaughter, that’s the problem I was stuck with on Ally-Oliver. He got exalted back when IoT was current content QQ Now I must suffer again for his dumb horde-alt-self)

Yeah it’s really easy, we could just go to Diremoor and mow down the mogu there for less for less than an hour and get you all the way to exalted.