BoL does Challenge Modes






Looking to get this going before CM season ends. Sign up if interested.

I would but I’m basically out of PvE shape for this expansion.  I did some MSV at the very beginning on my druid and that was about it.

Plus I only have one character at cap, and since everything else has been boring me (save Brawler’s Guild) I don’t have any good enchants.

So basically good luck and have fun.

Enchants are easy to get; I have a maxed enchanter. Timeless Isle gear with the right rolls would probably be fine for this as well.

If the toon doesn’t have to be in guild, I can bring my DK. If they do, paladin.

Obviously gear doesn’t really matter since CM’s scale everything, but yeah.

I would prefer they be guildies but if you can blood tank I’m down.

The tank and healer are the only two that really need to be geared. Most tanks can rock it in DPS gear. Just bring your invis pots and flasks. I’d love the set on Artairr so if you guys are still running them when I can get back I can help.

The only thing to know about gear is that more gem slots are better. All of the legendary procs are disabled (and the scaling does really weird things to the legendary cape), but you can use the legendary gem slot so a ToT weapon is best.