open prompt: describe your ocs / their relationships and make them sound as shitty as possible

  • Functioning alcoholic with massive narcissistic tendencies, still trying to keep her infamy for drunken debauchery and schemes intact, whilst also settling down with the student who’s father payed her to keep out of trouble, something she didn’t even try to do.
  • An impassive wall of a woman who is so emotionally stunted she still has troubles verbalizing her troubles with her girlfriend, that can’t sleep easy without micro managing almost everything around her, so much so that she drove her sister away, and has set the bar for her approval so high she spends a good portion of her time pretending to not look down her nose at people.

A self-destructive, mildly functioning alcoholic lonely guy with an inferiority complex and PSTD. He’s been stuck in time for about 3 years and is still trying to cope with the loss of his spouse and refuses to accept the fact they are gone and just move forward with his life. He tries in the form of work during the day and drinking at night, but has yet to actually stop drinking.

Gonna give this a try…

A gun-obsessed hairy redneck who runs away from intimacy and awkward conversations because people are weird and animals make more sense. Fumbling and failing and throwing up through multiple pitfalls of polyamory with a secret serial killer drug addict alcoholic and a guilt-ridden Priest with possible eating disorders, creepy, manipulative mind powers and a dark past as a tight leather pants wearing show-pony asshole minstrel.

An effeminate priest who’s been engaged to a half-blood longer than 90% of Silvermoon’s relationships last. His best friends are powerful, dangerous, deadly people. He’s the moral compass for a group of pirates and outcasts. Also, he has a strange, creepy symbiotic relationship with what amounts to the remnants of his dead lover’s soul.

An old man with decaying flesh and psychologically programmed sadism marries a woman young enough to be his granddaughter on a whim because both of them are desperate for companionship and tries to murder her on a monthly basis, kept at bay only by his massive guilt complex and her ability to take control of his mind with invasive psychic powers and pilot him like a Gundam.

An undead elf extensively modified using necromantic magics forms a co-dependant attachment with an orc suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder probably 10 times younger than him based on their mutual love of murdering things.