every time i see a heroic geared player in my lfr i just kinda stand next to them and go “/strokes face” because

seriously why are you in lfr are you here to boost aRE YOU BORED OR SOMETHING i mean i aint complaining but heeyyy

I like queueing on my main lol.  Part of it is boredom, part of it is fun (cuz I can finally ignore mechanics and tunnel!).  

When I queue on my shitty alts, all I want is a fast run where no one complains about shitty DPS and we don’t wipe. Unfortunately my alts are rarely that lucky!  It’s part of why I never gear them/lose interest. =/

I figure a lot of people feel the same way, so whenever I do LFR for fun I get as many shitty alts to queue with me as possible.  Whether they’re guildies, friends, or completely random people from tradechat it doesn’t matter.  If I’m gonna carry, I might as well carry people I like/don’t hate lol.  

The rare times another heroic geared DPS winds up in the raid, we compete against each other and it’s a lot of fun lol WHO CAN RIP AGGRO OFF THE TANK FIRST YEAAH

but yeah lol, no one deserves a crappy LFR run!  

See, as a tank, the only thing I can do in LFR is see how much of the raid I can out DPS and out heal.