Felthier Truefeather: Archon of the Sunguard and Knight of the Ebon Blade. Known for his zealous devotion to Quel’Thalas and the people therein. Felthier constantly strives to dull the addiction to pain that all Death Knights but actively serving in the Thalassian military. Though the Truefeathers were known for their nobility, Felthier is almost unshakeable and honorable to a fault.

Telchis Truefeather: Known as the Gallant, and Sunward of the Sunguard. He is Felthier’s only son and heir to the House Truefeather. After his father’s death he became the Houses patriarch, but it’s uncertain how much authority Felthier and Telchis share over their own House. Telchis is captain of the Thalassian warship known as the Bloodchaser.

Izulde Netherstar: Felthier’s brother by marriage to his first wife Isha Netherstar. Izulde isn’t far older than his nephew Telchis. He is an accomplished Blood Mage and former Sunfury retainer to the Sunstrider Dynasty. Izulde is lord of Emberlight, a gaunt and haunted place in the Ghostlands, Izulde has recently risen to great prominence in the Thalassian Court. He is in an unique position where he investigates those who may have less than favorable loyalty to Quel’Thalas. This positions allows him intellgence over most of the Thalassian nobility.

All art done by my awesome guildmate:

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