( ´∀`)☆ Dante’s Dumb Drawing Contest Thing (*´д`*)

so i just want to do a little thingy to celebrate having 100+ followers. for this little thing, i’m gonna be giving away doodles to people who reblog this thing. What am I doing?

1st place winner gets 1-2 sketchbook pages where i literally just draw all of the thing you want on the front/back and I will mail them to you so you can have them. *w* These are gonna be in pencil/pen so be careful about smudging them! You have to be able to give me your mailing address and you should be able to safely get these doodles without you know, parents murdering you or whatever. I will also draw all over the mailing envelope. (I’m crazy)

2nd place winner gets two waist-up doodles. i will /try/ to color them but i really am awful at coloring RIP

3rd place gets one headshot doodle, black and white.


1) US people only. Paying shipping even for just letters beyond the US is hella expensive.

2) Gotta have your inbox open to asks, otherwise I won’t be able to contact you.

3) Be patient with me if I take some time. Please please please don’t super bother me if maybe I get stuck on stuff because I’ve got college and stuff to worry about. :c

4) Regarding the content of the drawing: furries and mecha are gonna be right out, and … mild gore/blood is ok, but I won’t go beyond that. NSFW stuff… may be possible but it depends on what you want. When I contact you, if you have an idea, talk with me and I’ll let you know if I can do it.

5) This thing is only open to people who follow me. NO, you do not count if you follow me after this post goes out.

6) Only ONE REBLOG and ONE LIKE per person. Do not use giveaway blogs. You will make me sad.

The deadline is February 14, 2014.

If you need examples of the thing, you can look on my blog and click my art tag.

Have fun and good luck!