The Sunguard will host a grand Thalassian Gala on the dates of the 5th, 6th, and 8th of this week. There will be grand festivities including a date auction, tournament of arms, and the Gala itself. 

On the 6th. 8:00PM Server:

The Sunguard will host a Date Auction on the Isle of Quel’Danas. 

Players interested in auctioning themselves will submit a 100g entrance fee which will be the starting bid. Bidders will propose their bid by 50g increments and by no less. The highest bidder will claim their date for the auction itself. While it is not required, it is heavily frowned upon for those won during the Date Auction to not attend with the person who bid for them.

Note: Those who auction themselves will keep half of the gold of their auction. The rest will be submitted into a pot to fund the prizes of the other night.

On the 7th at 8:00PM Server:

The Sunguard will host a tournament of arms to challenge the strongest of the Horde. Those entered will have a chance to win a prize up to 10,000gold coins. Depending upon the funds raised in the previous night.

Note: There is no entry fee for those participating. Only DPS specs are allowed. PvP gear is preferred, but if you are to enter in PvE gear then your overall item level must be 528 or lower.  Any attempt to manipulate this will be seen as unsportsmanlike and the offenders will not be able to claim the prize.

On the 8th at 8PM Server:

The Thalassian Gala will be hosted in the port city of Quel’Danas overlooking the sea. Come join the Sunguard and allies for drinks, dancing, and fun. All of the Horde are welcomed to attend. While Quel’Danas is upon somewhat neutral ground, Alliance members may receive a cold shoulder.