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crunch, water, red, sole, glass

“So what you’re saying is, instead of thinking this plan completely out, you rushed into it and hoped it would work?” Tevruden dug the heel of his boot into the grass, trying to get off whatever chunks of his kill he could from the metalwork, “That is rather bold, wouldn’t you say?”

“Bold?” Varaelian turned his eye up, following the form of the man behind him up to his face, “No one said we had to go with it! YOU give me far too much credit. I just make half of this shit up as I go along.” The paladin couldn’t help but grin, splashing his dirtied face with fresh water, “It worked out didn’t it?”

Tevruden, however, seemed rather unamused. Then again, Varaelian figured he always looked like that— a rather familiar scowl and discontent frown, “If you call this working out. You hurt yourself. I cannot take you anywhere, Nilhandril.”

“Well, that’s not true. You take me everywhere!” He leaned back, resting against the soft grassy hill, smiling, “Just don’t tell Tyllanthus… last thing I need is to be yelled at.”

“The next time, I suggest not startling the natives.”