Okay so the post I made on my personal blog went really well so I’m remaking it with recent examples for my art blog. C:

From the original post (sort of):

IT’S COMMISSION TIME. Headshots match my energy level pretty well right now so I’m sticking to them, but this may change.

While I draw mostly Warcraft characters, I’m not limited to such and can do originals, anthro, anime characters, whatever you want.

I accept USD PAYPAL ( )

Send me an email to (I will ignore tumblr asks about this, unless they’re just questions) with your request and as many references as you possibly can. Screenshots, RP profile descriptions, art done by yourself or others— the more I have to work with the more likely it is to look like what you want.

The expression sheet is a new one because I’ve had a few people ask about them before, so here you go! If you’re interested in that one, please tell me what kind of expressions you want or you’re going to get ones that have no right being anywhere but a photobooth strip.

I’ll be opening 4 slots at a time, one slot per character. Please only one request at a time so other people can have a slot!

(characters in examples owned/commissioned by: x x x x, in order)