if you’re the kind of person who forces your group to bug trash in raids because it’s a “shortcut”, resulting in several repeated wipes and taking longer than it would have just to kill the trash, you’re an actual piece of shit

Hated trash skipping and still do. In Wrath it was…

Shado-Pan Monastery reeks of this.

In defense of doing it in Shado-Pan Monastery, but not only do the packs before the last boss take FOR FUCKING EVER to die, they’re an absolute kick in the dick to tank too.

Yeah, though that’s a case of mediocre game design encouraging players to skip packs that new or unwary players might inadvertently aggro.

It’s honestly not so bad in Shado-Pan; you can see pretty clearly what the person ahead is doing and it’s not a difficult mistake to rectify if a newbie bumbles into them because lolheroics, we all do 160k dps now anyway.

The incident to which I was referring in the OP was a bug before Siegecrafter Blackfuse where you can apparently pull the boss mid-trash and have him yank everyone down in there. I imagine this works just fine in your 10man guild group where everyone is aware you’re going to do it… not unannounced in a 25man LFR where 90% of the raid has never heard of it, thinks it’s bugged, and tries to jump back out– resulting in trash evade bugging, several deaths, people rezzing on the wrong side of the tubes, and having to wait 8 minutes for a new tank because one rightfully didn’t want to put up with that bullshit and left.

Plus, the mobs in Shado-Pan monestary are great  because I can control the residual hatred and make its AoE do 20,000 HP a tick.