Okay, I have been tricked, tricked I say! Into drawing a belf! xD

Amorilan finally has a face, after.. I dunno how many years.. 5? 6? He was actually the first paladin I ever rolled. LOL He was always an obnoxious NPC for me, but now I think I’m going to actually use him. xD

He is such a suck-up that his lips might rival the pull of a black-hole, he is generally useless beyond being a lap dog, a terrible swordsman and abysmal at calling the Light. All the jewelry and beautiful hair in the world couldn’t polish this turd… LOLOLOL Squire 4 lyfe.

If you aren’t in a position of power or useful to him, he would snub you, now if you were say, a high-ranking general… Hello, sir, how can I warm your bed today, sir.

Too bad the eyeglow hides his tart-y makeup. :’(

.. Grab that hair and MUSH! LOL LOL LOL