Some big kids took Ben’s other practice sword and guess who got it back.  It was easy!.. so he says.  

My paladin and DK, Sig and Ben’athir, when they were wee baby elflings. They woulda been great warriors together if their course had not been altered by the fall of Quel’thalas years later. Ahh now I am sad. 

Background is a screenshot of the Eversong coast.  Had to desaturate it cuz it hurt my eyes lol.  

This sort of thing happened to me a few times growing up.  

Tiny me would stand between bullies and other kids, launch legit recovery missions of missing/stolen toys, bait bigger kids away from the smaller ones, stuff like that.  I HATED seeing bad people get away with shit even when I was really young.

Like my baby pally here, I met my very best childhood friend when I was maybe 4-5yrs old after I came between her and the neighborhood bully over a toy.

Unlike my pally I never got the shit beat out of me lol — I was too fast.. and also a dinosaur. >:E

And make no mistake, I was completely capable of being a little shit myself, but I knew what it was like to get picked on and I always hated seeing other kids deal with it.