I’m tempted to try and use our woefully inactive guild forums.

Some ideas are:

-writing/story threads
-open RP threads
-art and doodles
-funny/silly screenshots

Topics to get groups together for:

-old faceroll raids for achievements/mounts/transmog
-10 man groups for MSV, HoF, and ToES on heroic for guild achievements
-War Games for people to get arena practice/get them comfortable with arenas on alts or in general
-List for those willing to do 3’s to help people towards their grievous mount
-Maybe set up a list for those *actually* interested in doing RBGs for fun/see if anyone’s able to lead or at least call targets and whatnot.

This is a lot of stuff.

I’ll be honest I’m a pretty *shitty* co-gm and my ability to organize and lead things is a testament to that, but I would at least like to try getting some comprehensive listing for these things and maybe spur people into using our forums.

I don’t know if this’ll work out at all but its a thought.

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