He frowned slightly, tapping his fingers on the screen of the small device.  There wasn’t much quite like it in Azeroth, and it had certainly taken time to get used to.  Even still, he wasn’t as skilled with it as he would have liked.

A frustrated grumble, and he cursed quietly under his breath.  What was wrong with it now?  He had only been trying to send a message to Koltira, but now he was somewhere entirely elsewhere in the network.  He tapped the screen a few more times, and closed his eyes tight against the frustration as it made small noises at him, telling him that he was stuck wherever he ended up.

He tried again, pushing the buttons on the screen.

“No, go back.  Back…no, too far.”  This fucking thing.  He tapped the screen again.  There.  Koltira’s answer message played over the audio of the small device, and he nodded as it chirped at him to leave his message.

“Koltira, I’m heading out to the Outlands tomorrow.”

A commission from the amazing Elle!  SHE IS RLY GREAT gosh I love this so much.  Thank you!  <3