Story of homosexual refused tip yet another hoax

The couple, who wished to remain anonymous, produced their copy of the receipt and their credit card statement, proving the waitress lied. I hope all you gullible morons who gave her money out of sympathy kept your receipts.

oh look another receipt hoax.

Should I even be surprised that i had the original story blowing up my dash for a day but this version claiming to disprove the story as a slimey hoax barely gets reblogged. Seriously at the time of reblogging this is barely had 200 notes. 

I’m surprised that my post made it as far as it did, but it seems to be in its dying stages, now. I’m just thankful someone saw it, because these hoax stories drive me up a wall.

The micro-society of Tumblr is fueled primarily by outrage and the need (not want—need) to be seen. The desire for “justice” far exceeds the desire for truth, and that’s what happens when you give a bunch of social justice wankers a computer. This was the perfect “us vs. them” story. What better way to generate notes, sympathy, and money than with a story of some poor, innocent, little lesbian getting stiffed by some hateful, bigoted, evil, meanie, doo-doo-head Christian couple who didn’t like her just because she was a lesbian? It was so easy to believe, which is why the waitress, and Tumblr, were so eager to run with it.

Guys, there’s been a string of these scams. And they need to stop.

Another thing I’d like to point out is the handwriting of the paying costumer doesn’t match the handwriting of the “I don’t approve of your lifestyle”. That says something. Handwriting works like art, everyone has a distinct way of writing, and copying someone else’s handwriting is a lot harder then you think. Just like copying someone else’s style is.

But in case someone wants to say there’s not enough proof I’d like to present this from the article:

“They also provided a document they said was a Visa bill, which appears to indicate their card was charged for the meal plus the tip, for a total of $111.55.”

The were billed for the added tip, the tip said there. The girl was tipped then, according to Visa.

There’s been a few others, these are scam artists using actual issues as a way to make a profit or get pity. That’s not OK and it undermines real scenarios and innocent people who have done nothing wrong are under fire because someone decided to use them in a scam. Don’t promote this help actual people who are actually having issues.