I think if Nintendo can make unique textures, animations and 3D wireframe models for all 500+ Pokemon, Blizzard Entertainment can re-skin and animation-update the original eight playable WoW races

Reskinning player characters is the in-game equivalent of drawing hands and faces.

some people have been looking at the original pokemon for over a few years and they still managed to do it without getting a massive fit about it looking different


i dont know why the WoW community in general gets so touchy about anything being updated ever when it comes to animations or model textures

like woAH GEEZE it might be weird for a few seconds but unless their arms are clipping through their chests (HNGH FEMALE WORGEN) they’ve got no excuse to be pushing off a MUCH NEEDED character update

human males look like ass and tauren look like something out of a fucking banjo kazooie game

its time for an update

so much text proving my point