Alrighty, Wyrmrest Accord, listen up.

Some of you are being enormous dickbags to several roleplayers who are good people IRL and awesome RPers in-game. Four of them are some of my own favourite roleplayers, and now they’re gone or about to be gone because some jackasses can’t keep their own toxic opinions to themselves. One of them just quit the game, two are thinking about quitting, and a fourth is going to transfer to Moon Guard. There are many more who’ve left the game/WRA because of this in previous months, and it’s leaving the rest of us with an ever-smaller group of friends and roleplay partners unless we join X guild or X group.

I don’t care if you’re from a Noble guild or a House guild or an inter-guild RP group or what-the-fuck-ever else, there is no reason to be mean to another roleplayer or guild just because they don’t RP how you think they should. Quit sending your anon hate to them on Tumblr, and for the love of roleplay, quit harassing them in-game!!!

A lot of people are leaving the WRA roleplay community because of these certain douchenozzles, and it’s really getting old. Roleplay isn’t dying because the quality is going down, it’s dying because asshats like these are too busy policing everyone else’s stories and characters to actually do anything USEFUL for the community.

I personally stopped participating in quite a few of the big Belf events in particular because there would inevitably be the snarks and whispers about my characters and what I put in my profiles, or how I type my paragraphs. Mostly, I now stick to walk-up RP or storylines with close friends, because I know about all the rude whispers and snickers that happen in Vent or on guild sites, and I don’t want any part of it.

Just stop it. Stop being huge dickbags to everyone outside of your own little circle of “accepted” lore Nazi roleplayers. You aren’t as good as you think you are, and a lot of your own lore is made-up headcanon with no actual basis in in-game information or facts.

this goes for a good number of people on moon guard too