Pent: because blood knights are just
Pent: they can’t give fucks
Pent: they ate a narru
Pent: and they just
Pent: they gave them the abilty to not give fucks
Pent: thats why theyre so awesome
Pent: cause naaru gave them the ability to not give a fuck
Pent: its really cool
Pent: every other paladins like
Pent:: oh no i havbe to give a fuck
Pent: but blood knights like
Pent: i just ate your fuck
Pent: why should i give it
Pent: this is why blood knights are so cool
Pent: because they eat light
Pent: like
Pent: paladins just like
Pent: love it and stuff
Pent: but blood knghts do this thing
Pent: where they eat it
Pent: like
Pent: could you imagine if like
Pent: warlocks ate demons
Pent: and were like
Pent: blood warlocks
Pent: thatd be metal as fuck