Feiyn stares, uncomprehending at the sheet of parchment in her hand. The torn envelope lay forgotten on her table next to a half-empty cup of rum. The criss-crossing lines and symbols seem to scurry and move and shift on the parchment. They make her break into a cold sweat, they make her hair stand on end. She stares, she stares so hard at the shifting symbols trying to will her brain to comprehend.

She shakes her head, wills herself to shake it off. She tosses the letter onto her bed, glancing over to the full length mirror in her cabin. Her reflection stares back at her, as normal but something seems… wrong. Feiyn takes slow, steady steps towards the mirror. The boards creak under her feet, agonized wails of wood straining under her.

Her reflection is normal, still. But it is too late that she notices the hulking figure in plate behind her, too-strong hands wrapping around her throat.

(( I had waaaaaaaaaay too much fun with this. ))

Aaand it sounds like someone’s ~kawaii dk boyfriend~ is horny