One of Feiyn’s friends talk to her over drinks. He tell her how unnatural dat Tev is. As if Feiyn don’t know— but maybe he has point. Why Feiyn care about person dat not even a person anymore? Why Feiyn bother, when she know it only gonna hurt bad in da end? How Feiyn ever tell Tev dat and expect him to understand?

Not like he feel anything for her. Not like he ever care. Feiyn sure dat if she disappear, he not look for her or notice dat she gone.

It hurt to think about it. Feiyn hate thinkin’ about it. About him. She hate dat she even give a fel when he don’t about her. Why Feiyn invest so much time and energy into somethin’ dat won’t ever change? After all, Feiyn killed his kind before and maybe he ain’t any different den dem. Maybe he gonna lose it one day, gonna snap. And ain’t nothin’ gonna stop him from rippin’ her open. No matter if she love him or not, right?

Maybe Feiyn be doin’ herself a favor if she leave, never see Tev again.

< Feiyn cups her hands around the crudely made hot tea mixed with Badlands bourbon and broods quietly, peering out of the fogged window as the rain rages outside in Krasarang. >

I love how neither Feiyn or Tev realize that he cares for her. In his own undead herald of the Lich King way, anyway.