Thank you! This Blizzcon I’m setting out for a Q&A panel specifically to protest this. I can’t STAND troll raids, because literally every expansion (vanilla, too) has either a dedicated area, multiple dungeons, or a raid dedicated toward trolls and troll lore. It’s tiring!

PLEASE. PLEAAAASE. No. more. fucking. troll. shite. There’s way too much goddamn constant concentration on them, this isn’t “oh well of course some races will get looked at a little more…” THIS IS CONSTANT UPDATES.

Trolls get dungeons, new raids, new city, their own neew warchief and meanwhile other races go completely ignored without even a passing mention of what they’re up to *coughhackworgengnomesdraeneigoblinscough*. Plz. Blizz stop playing with troll dicks for five fucking seconds so I don’t have to go on a murderous rampage when I hear “Ey’ Mon!”

Hey this looks familiar!

Oh. No wonder why.

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