“What is it like, being dead?

"Hhhh. You are walking, naked, on a winter’s night. You are cold, but you know you will not be warm until you reach your journey’s end, so you press on.

"With every step, the cold sinks deeper into you. With every footfall, you feel as though your meat and bones will shatter. Time and distance lose all meaning.

"You know home is out there, somewhere, but you cannot think of it. You cannot remember how it felt to be warm, and safe. You only know that once there was something else – there was a time when pain was not your only companion, when you were not aware of every part of yourself, searing and shrieking in the dark and the silence.

"You keep walking, because it is all you can do. All you remember. All you know. There is a destination somewhere, but truly? It no longer concerns you. All you know is that you walk.

"Eventually, you forget that this feeling is called ‘pain’.”