Female Tauren Death knight (World of warcraft)

I would try something different for inking and colours on random subject. Here, my dk tauren <3

So with fanart, it’s just good to do experiences. And it’s my second time to try sketching directly CG with tablet. (The first was a big fail long time ago) I prefer sketching with pencils on a real paper. (Feeling the smell of the sharpened pencils ! Feeling paper under my fingers !) There will be more try on this doodle, to find something new. I feel very very boring in my current artwork, i wanna do best or something new, like a new me. Trying to paint, it’s kind of to shoot my brain ! It’s not for me, even if i’ve tried a lot. I like more ink tools and sketching… Well, i’m not a painter as were my dutch ancestors. u.u

So please, feel free to add a comment here. 

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